Sunday, April 30, 2017

Appreciation of God’s amazing grace

The following hymn I wrote circa 1989. It is not Watts or Wesley quality poetry, but is a sincere expression of my appreciation of God’s amazing grace. The meter pattern makes it not an easy hymn to match with a tune.

1. Oh, the love that drew me in
When I was sinking in my sin.
Oh, how sure the firm decree
Enduring all eternity.

2. Oh, the grace that called my name
As I was drowning in my shame;
Oh, how great our God must be
That He has grace for even me!

3. Oh, what mercy that God would
Bestow a look toward one no good;
Oh, beyond all grasp or thought
That I by Jesus’ blood am bought!

4. Saved by grace, Oh, wondrous sound!
How His great mercy did abound.
Saved by grace or bound for hell—
If saved by grace, then all is well.

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