Monday, May 01, 2017

Stated salaries

"Elder Hume (1807-1891) has always been opposed to ministers having stated salaries for their services. He is sometimes misunderstood in this regard and has been accused of advocating the doctrine that preachers should have no pay for their services. But to the contrary, he holds that it is the duty of every church to minister to the wants of their Pastor and that this should be done in proportion to the ability of each member, and that these contributions should be made not by any law by which members are taxed, but by the free will of persons who pay money on this account. He would not have one cent for his ministerial services if the collection had to be enforced by any law, ecclesiastical or otherwise..." -- General Baptist History, by D. M. Montgomery, Evansville, IN: Courier Company, 1882, pp. 196-197

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