Friday, May 05, 2017


Thomas Shepherd was the author of the original hymn that became the basis of Must Jesus bear the Cross Alone. While searching for information on Shepherd, I found the following hymn: 

XXVI. Departure. L. M.

1. I had a Lord, but Ah, he’s gone, 
And left my troubled Soul alone: 
Him I pursue with begging Eyes; 
Alas, he disregards my Cries. 

2. I bid my Sighs my Griefs declare, 
He counts my Sighs for empty Air; 
So, like a wither’d Flower I mourn; 
Nor can look up till he return.

3. O thou lov’d Object of my Soul, 
Thou, my Physician, make me whole; 
Those whom thy Absence makes to grieve, 
Thy Presence only can relieve. 

4. Sure Sin’s the Cause; but tho’ it be, 
Thou pitiest Sinners -- pity me! 
Lord, I have read thy Blood was spilt 
To wash away the Sinner’s Guilt. 

5. If every Sin was guilt of Blood, 
And I mark’d out for Vengeance stood, 
I’d run, and to the Saviour kneel; 
The Saviour knows what Sinners feel! 

6. My pitying Friends would yield Content 
To me thus lost in Banishment; 
None but my Lord can ease my Pain, 
All other Helpers help in vain.

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