Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Books by R. L. Vaughn

Books and pamphlets by Robert L. Vaughn, with some previews

A Better Paradigm for the Study of Baptist History? with Mark Osgatharp, Nathan Finn, 2009
A Brief History of Old Prospect Baptist Church, 1984
A History of Smyrna Baptist Church, 1873-2008 by J. W. Griffith, 1978, revised by R. L. Vaughn, 2008
A Message of Divine Judgment: Old Bad Edom meets Obadiah, 2013
American Baptist Association: a Survey and Census of its Churches and Associations, 2001
Baptist Doctrine: Foot-Washing (The Doctrine of Feet Washing), 1984
Before Pentecost: the Origin of the Church, 1996
For Such a Time as This. Esther: a Book of Providence, 2012
History of the Old Prospect Baptist Church, Sand Flat, Rusk County, Texas, 2014
Jonah: Prejudice for a People, Pity for a Gourd, 2009
Minutes of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Rusk County, Texas: October 1867 to November 1871, 2006
Put That on Mine Account: a Commentary on Paul’s letter to Philemon, 2008
Speaking in Tongues and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, 2009
Sub-groups within the Baptist Denomination in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles, 2004
Thaptology: Toward a Christian Theology of the Disposition of the Dead, 2015
The Saints’ Alphabet: In Praise of God’s Word (A Brief Introduction to Psalm 119), 2014
The Elder unto the Elect Lady and unto Gaius: a Commentary on John’s 2nd & 3rd Epistles, 2010
The Harper’s Index: a Metrical Index of the B. F. White Sacred Harp 2000 Revised Edition, 2002
Triads: a Compendiary Commentary on the General Epistle of Jude, 2008
Unaffiliated Landmark Baptist Churches Survey: a Listing of Unaffiliated Independent Landmark Baptist Churches, 2001

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