Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Taking the Bible literally?

An interesting read, by Glenn T. Stanton. Check it out.

I Don't Take The Bible Literally, And Neither Does Anyone Else
A recent report from Pew tells us that only 39 percent of Christians take the Bible literally.
Why? It’s quite simple: Literally no one takes the Bible literally. NO ONE. But otherwise intelligent pollsters and journalists continue to ask the question as a gauge for who really takes the Bible seriously—or too seriously. And Christians continue to play along.
Of course, when we answer “Do you take the Bible literally?” we are simply taking it as short-hand for “Do you take the Bible as truth?” But the faithful student should have long ago dispelled such misinformed assumptions, correcting the questioner with, “You don’t really understand much about Christianity or the Bible, do you?” The serious student of Dante or Shakespeare wouldn’t tolerate such ignorance of their beloved texts. We shouldn’t either.

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