Monday, March 10, 2014

Written in Stone

Links about cemetery stuff

* A Serene Fall Scene at Calvary Cemetery -- "A cemetery in Queens, New York with about 3 million burials."
* Cradle Graves: Not Just for Children -- "Although I’ve seen these rectangular shaped graves for years, I only recently learned that it is known as a cradle grave."
* John Hayden Crozier: Music Master of the 85th Regiment -- "Erected by Mary to the memory of her beloved Husband John Hayden Crozier late Music Master to the 85th Reg. King's light infantry"
* Prisoners of Light, by Jack Roberts -- "I am a member of that odd group of people who enjoys visiting old cemeteries."
* The Anchor Cross -- "Is this an anchor or is it a cross? The answer, it is both."
* Victorian Couple's Tragic Loss -- "In Loving Memory of the Children of John and Ann Crompton of Calder Bridge."
* Why Being Unique is Not Always Your Best Bet -- "A young woman tragically died and her family erected SpongeBob SquarePants headstones."

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