Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More wisdom from Bart "Barebones" Barber

Many pastors face the temptation to keep a "Friends List" and an "Enemies List." These are the two sides. The first list is populated by saints; the second list is populated by the spawn of Satan sent from Hell to ensure, by thwarting my personal plans, that the world slides off into perdition. Every person on the "Friends List" is in peril of being moved to the "Enemies List" simply by opposing (or perhaps even by not supporting vigorously enough) something that I want to do. No person on the "Enemies List" can have the hope of being moved to the "Friends List," because once an enemy, always an enemy. The pastor who operates this way stays at a church for three years or so until the "Friends List" cupboard is bare, at which time he moves somewhere else and starts over. -- Bart Barber

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