Monday, March 10, 2014

Sacred Harp-y Stuff (et al.)

* A joyful noise -- “My mother sang Sacred Harp so, when I got old enough to sing, I sang. I was singing Sacred Harp before I could read. It’s minor music and Sacred Harp is music that you have to sing from the heart. You can’t sing it any other way.”
* Black Sacred Harp Singing in East Texas -- "Throughout much of the twentieth century, African Americans in Texas practiced their own distinctive style of sacred harp music."
* “I’ll Fly Away”: The Music and Career of Albert E. Brumley by Kevin Donald Kehrberg, 2010 PhD Dissertation) -- "Albert E. Brumley (1905-1977) was the most influential American gospel song composer of the twentieth century..."
* Sacred Harp Singing as Preserved Intangible Cultural Heritage -- "Sacred Harp singing of the Southern U.S. is considered by some folklorists to be a preservation 'success story'."


"As for the sound of the booming 'fa- sol- la's', I always associated that with the sad notes of the exiled Children of Israel, when they 'hung their harps on a willow tree'." -- Sara Jane Overstreet

“I like the old style of singing and the words are so scriptural.” -- Kevin Eddins

"In the long run, with their insistence on correct singing and the superiority of European models to indigenous ones, the reformers of the early nineteenth century seem to have dealt an almost fatal blow to participatory music making for the average citizen." -- Neely Bruce

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