Sunday, March 09, 2014

He careth for you.

“He careth for you.” 1 Pet. 5. 7; Ps. 55. 22

1 Now I see, whate’er betide,
  All is well if Christ be mine;
  He has promised to provide;
  May he teach me to resign.

2 When a sense of sin and thrall
  Forced me to the sinner’s Friend,
  He engaged to manage all,
  By the way and to the end.

3 “Cast,” he said, “on me thy care;
  ’Tis enough that I am nigh;
  I will all thy burdens bear;
  I will all thy needs supply.”

4 Lord, I would indeed submit;
  Gladly yield my all to thee;
  What thy wisdom sees most fit,
  Must be surely best for me.

5 Only when the way is rough,
  And the coward flesh would start,
  Let thy promise and thy love
  Cheer and animate my heart.

Meter 7s; Hymn by John Newton

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