Saturday, March 08, 2014

Oremay Inkslay

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* 4 things your doctor doesn't need to know -- "’s offices often don’t understand best practices when it comes to protecting the information they keep on their patients..."
* David Bryan, Cumberland Presbyterian Minister -- "He was one of the pioneer preachers in this country, having moved here in 1834, soon after his ordination."
* Caught on tape: 5 self-serving responses by sex offenders in the church -- " redeeming consequence of this highly troubling video is to teach us more about the distorted beliefs and understandings perpetrators have about the crimes they have committed."
* Church Polity: In Defense of One Pastor by Benjamin Townsend -- "This book is in response to a Plurality of Elder Rule to the exclusion of one Pastor."
* New Jersey teen sues parents because they won’t pay her college tuition -- "An undercurrent in the family matter-turned-lawsuit also appears to involved a tale as old as time: the daughter’s boyfriend."
* The Latest Challenge to the Bible's Accuracy: Abraham's Anachronistic Camels? -- "Despite the latest study of bones, evidence indicates the iconic desert animals do belong in Genesis."
* The ten richest U.S. presidents -- "...the only currently living president who is counted among of the wealthiest of all time is President Clinton."
* Unsung heroes: The Year of Alabama Music -- "Rev. David Bryan’s “Songster’s Companion,” written for the Cumberland Presbyterians and published in Jacksonville, Ala., in 1837, may be the first hymnbook produced in Alabama."
* Who are the real gay marriage bigots? "...virtually everyone involved in the gay marriage battle is a bigot...a traditionalist religious believer who professes to hold no animus toward homosexuals and yet opposes gay marriage because she conceives of marriage as 'a religious sacrament with a procreative purpose'....And so, also, is a gay marriage supporter who can see no relevant moral distinction between these two positions — and is willing and eager to hurl insults as a means of bullying them both into submission."

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