Friday, July 26, 2013

Stop the Insanity!

Seems like back yonder somewhere I remember a media star or personality who would shout "Stop the Insanity!" Where are they now?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation -- from their sarcastic DeBaptismal Certificate to protests where they have no legal standing (and where the people they are supposedly standing for often have no interest) -- now has a wonderful new target -- a Star of David on a Holocaust memorial! Seriously?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation claims that the Star of David represents Judaism in the same way the cross represents Christianity. They simply have that wrong. In fact, many Orthodox Jews reject this symbol. It is associated with Judaism in a sense because Judaism and national Jews are so intertwined and inseparable (even when the Jews themselves are not religious, or even atheist). There is no evidence that this symbol originates out of the Hebrew Bible, or that as a symbol of the Jews it has anything more than a semi-modern origin (17th century). It was chosen by the Zionist movement as their symbol in 1897.

The Star of David has a particularly significant and poignant connection to the holocaust. This emblem was used by the Nazis as a way of identifying Jews. Yes, others were victims of the holocaust as well, including Romani and Christians. About 2/3 of the nine million Jews residing in Europe before the Holocaust were killed during this period.

Even if the Star of David represented Judaism in the same way the cross does Christianity, no one will be surprised or traumatized to see a Star of David at a Holocaust Memorial, even one on state property. No one except the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who choose to traumatize themselves for reasons unknown to average folks.

Stop the Insanity!

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