Saturday, July 27, 2013

DeBaptismal Certificate

The atheists and freethinkers at the Freedom From Religion Foundation can't seem to think too well apart from religion. If there is no God and baptism means nothing, why would someone would want to be "debaptized"? Yet, that's just what they're "doing".

If Baptists would stick to their dogma -- consensual baptism of believers -- there would be little of the certificate to which they could object. Language such as "before reaching an age of consent" and "baby...must be cleansed of [Original Sin] by baptism" belongs to the paedobaptists. Usually Baptists will gladly, with freethought and reason, "exclude from any claims of religious affiliation" those who deny their faith and practice. The certificate includes several items important to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, with the motto “Freedom depends upon freethinkers” at the bottom.

We are proponents of freedom and religion (which includes from religion for those who wish it) -- but it's a mite scary if “Freedom depends upon [the freethinking of the] freethinkers [at the Freedom from Religion Foundation].” 

At least they're having fun with it, and I suppose you can't fault them for that.

Find a link to the language and PDF of the DeBaptismal Certificate HERE.

 [Note: "Annie Laurie, by the way, is one of the lucky 18% of FFRF members who grew up in a freethinking home and was spared baptism by water, fire or Sunday school." I noticed this little blurb on the "debaptism" page. I wonder if the atheists and freethinkers at FFRF subject their children to atheism and freethinking in their homes "before reaching an age of consent"? Or maybe they teach religion to them?? Oh, the quandry!]

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