Friday, July 05, 2013

News, Health and Religion, variously linked

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7 Foods with Bizarre Side Effects
10 ways to combat mosquitoes naturally
Carter says faith used against women
Catholics, Baptists join in HHS protest
Hobby Lobby wins legal appeal
Kennedy refuses to halt gay marriages in Calif.
Marijuana's march toward mainstream confounds feds
What about Movie Clips? Applying the Regulative Principle
Women Who Gave Their Lives for the Church
"Anastasia (c. 303): Christian martyr in Rome under Diocletian. Father was a pagan but mother was a Christian who instructed Anastasia in the faith. After her mother died, she married a Roman knight, Publius Patricius, who obtained a rich patrimony. when he discovered his wife was a Christian, he treated her harshly and spent her wealth. When he died, Anastasia spent her fortune on the poor and imprisoned. She and three female servants were arrested and told to sacrifice to idols. When they refused, the three servants were put to death, and Anastasia was burnt alive."

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