Friday, July 19, 2013

Reflections on suffering and evil

Going Beyond Clichés: Christian Reflection on Suffering and Evil is an interesting lecture by Donald A. Carson at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

Carson proposes to lay down six biblical pillars that together sustain a platform on which to build a Christian worldview concerning the difficulty of suffering. I found some minor points with which to quibble, but the bigger picture offers great insight. I recommend you watch/listen.

The Six Pillars to Support a Christian Worldview for Stability Through Suffering are:

1. Insights from the beginning of the Bible's storyline
2. insights from the end of the Bible's storyline
3. insights from the place of innocent suffering
4. insights from the mystery of providence
5. insights from the centrality of the incarnation and the cross
6. insights from taking up our cross

Three excerpts:

"If you live love enough, you will suffer."
"If you live love enough, you will be bereaved. If you don't live long enough, you will bereave someone else. Most of us manage both."
"No matter your worldview, you must face the reality of suffering and evil."

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