Sunday, July 07, 2013

Is That The Old Ship Of Zion?

I mostly like to sing, but among the favorite songs I like to listen to is "Is That The Old Ship Of Zion." Here are four YouTube versions by the Kingsmen quartet:

Chattanooga Live in 1977
Live In Orlando 1990
Kingsmen 50th Anniversary Concert
In Gainesville, Georgia

The Old Ship of Zion

I was standing on the banks of the river,
Looking out over life's troubled sea,
When I saw an old ship that was sailing,
Is that the old Ship of Zion I see?

Its hull was bent and battered,
From the storms of life, I could see;
Waves were rough, but that old ship was steady.
Is that the old Ship of Zion I see?

At the stern of the ship was the captain,
I could hear as He called out my name;
Get on board, it's the old ship of Zion,
It will never pass this way again.

As I step on board I'll be leaving
All my sorrow and heartache behind;
I'll be safe with Jesus the captain,
Sailing out on the old Ship of Zion.

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