Monday, July 08, 2013

Excerpts from Church Discipline 2

1. It will aid the church in getting rid of her unregenerated members.
2. It will aid in chastening the erring children of God in the churches.
3. It will be a constant reminder to the church and to the world that God's justice in judgment will find, the wicked in whatever state, condition or society they may seek to live.
4. It will increase the membership among those who want a clean, wholesome spiritual environment in which to live.
5. Weak members will be helped.
6.The spiritually ignorant will be helped.

On this particular doctrine we have sinned and some have almost come to the point of outright contempt for God's Word. Such contempt for divine instruction is mounting evidence of the exodus of the Lord from His churches and the entrance of Satan to the seat of leadership in many congregations in the name of Christ.

From Church Discipline by Lester Stewart Walker, 1913--1982

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