Saturday, January 25, 2020

Struggles with funerals

Interesting article on some of the struggles with modern funerals:
Oh no you didn’t: Ministers struggle with people behaving badly at funerals“The issue has reached a level sufficient to have experts offering suggestions to mourners on how to act – and more importantly, not act – when attending memorials and funerals.”
Coming and going from the sanctuary during the funeral – to use the restroom, have a smoke or take a call – is routine, McIver Penny said.
Or, it’s common to see individuals who are texting each other or taking selfies and, in some cases, taking calls right there in the pews.
“They’ll answer the phone and say, ‘I’m at a funeral,’” she said.
“The craziest thing I have seen is the family (of the deceased), all on their phones on the front row and they weren’t paying attention at all to the funeral.”

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