Monday, January 20, 2020

No Bible in their own language

“The English-speaking world has a very large number of different English versions of the Bible, simply because the number of English speakers (many of them with plenty of money to buy multiple copies of the Bible) ensures large financial profits for the publishers. At the same time many people in the world have no Bible in their own language because there is no financial profit to be made by translating and producing one. Much could be achieved if the money currently being spent on developing yet more English language Bibles were dedicated instead to translation in languages with greater need. However, the church also continues to be affected by sin, and the injustice will no doubt continue, with more English Bibles being produced while many groups of Christians will continue to be without the word of God in their own language.”
John Hans De Jong in “A ‘Sin Offering’ Crouching at the Door? Translation Lessons from an Exegetical Fossil in the Judson Bible” (The Bible Translator, Volume 61, No. 2: 89-92) [Note: in fairness to De Jong, he is not arguing for only one English translation, only that the motive and manner of Bible translation is out of order and unjust.]

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