Friday, August 09, 2019

The Two Keys

From The Organ, Saturday, June 28, 1856

These excerpts are from a piece titled “LESSON—NO. 4” over the name INSTRUCTOR.
…Ans. We have two keys in music called major and minor key, or scales…What is the difference between the two keys?The difference between the two keys is, that in the major mode the semitones occur between the third and fourth, and 7 and 8 sounds from the key, and in the minor mode, between No. 2 & 3, and 5 & 9 from the key of the same. (sic, the printer apparently inverted the 6 as a 9, rlv)Has the semitones natural locations in the scales?They have, and their natural places are between the letters B & C, and E & F; and always occurring between the me faw, and law faw, in each transposition of the me.What are the semitones?They are half degrees or steps in the voice.

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