Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Some more words

  • bada din, noun. A notable or significant day, esp. one on which an important festival or momentous event takes place.
  • brujo, noun. Originally and chiefly in Spanish-speaking contexts: a sorcerer, wizard, or witch doctor; a man who practises magic.
  • credencive, adjective. Disposed to give credence; ready to believe. Also: of or relating to a disposition to give credence.
  • decisory, adjective. That settles or determines a matter; decisive, determinative.
  • dégringolade, noun. A quick or rapid decline or breakdown, as of a situation or circumstance; Cf. Downfall.
  • doggo, adverb. Chiefly in to lie (also play) doggo: to lie flat, remain hidden; to lie quietly. Also in extended use: to keep a low profile, lie low.
  • duckety, adjective. Designating a drab nondescript colour, esp. a dull brown resembling the colour of mud; of such a colour.
  • ease off, verb. To become less severe or unpleasant; also ease up.
  • fellifluous, adjective. Flowing with bile; (figurative) bitter, rancorous.
  • footfast, noun. A prisoner in shackles.
  • gamphrel, noun. A stupid or foolish person; a fool, a blockhead, an idiot.
  • hashery, noun. A cheap restaurant, a hash house.
  • havey-cavey, adjective. English regional (northern and north midlands). Uncertain, doubtful, wavering. Now rare.
  • highball, verb, transitive. Railways slang. To give (a train or train driver) a signal to proceed. Also in extended use: to alert. Also and in earliest use intransitive.
  • kif, adjective. As a general term of approval: admirable, excellent, cool.
  • mono no aware, noun. In Japanese art, literary criticism, etc.: a capacity to be, or the experience of being, deeply and spontaneously moved by various poignant manifestations of nature, including human nature; esp. a sense of pathos arising from intense awareness of the impermanence of earthly things.
  • oxter, noun. The armpit; (also more generally) the underside of the upper arm; the fold of the arm when bent against the body. Also: the armhole of a coat, jacket, etc.
  • prepper, noun. A person who or thing which prepares or readies something; a preparer.
  • tautegorical, adjective. Of a symbol (usually in mythology or religion): signifying only itself, as opposed to representing or standing for something else.
  • wayfinder, noun. A person skilled in finding the route or way; a navigator. Also in extended use: a person who opens up new ways; an innovator, a trailblazer
  • yolker, noun. With modifying word. An egg with a specified number of yolks, as double-yolker, triple-yolker.

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