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Georgia United Baptist

See History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia

  1. Pursuant to public notice, a large number of Baptist ministers met at Forsyth, Monroe county, Georgia, on the 7th of July, 1836, for the purpose of endeavoring to heal the unhappy difficulties which have existed for some years in the denomination. The morning was spent in prayer by those brethren who arrived in season, and at half past eleven o’clock, at the request of those assembled, brother Jesse Mercer preached from Canticles ii, 15.
  2. At 2 o’clock P.M., the meeting was organized by calling brother Mercer to the chair, and appointing brother I. Langly, clerk, pro tempore. The names of the following ministers were enrolled: Jesse Mercer, Wilson Conner, Jonathan Nichols, Humphrey Posey, James Steely, John Ross, Benjamin Bussey, John Milner, Joseph R. Hand, Jonathan Davis, Isaiah Langly, C. D. Mallary, Green B. Waldrop, Davis Smith, Joseph Chipman, Richard Pace, Henry Collins, 
Francis Callaway, A. T. Holmes, William A. Callaway, J. H. Campbell, George Granberry, Benjamin Roberts, John R. Humphrey, Isaac E. Deavers, Andrew Cumbie, V. R. Thornton, Reuben Thornton, Gideon Leverett, William Henderson, James Reeves, Jacob King, Allison Culpepper, Zed. R. Gordon, James Perryman, Obadiah Echols, James Carter, William R. Wellborn, John W. Cooper, William Maund, George B. Davis, James Davis, Charnick A. Tharp, Ephraim Strickland, Adiel Sherwood, S. G. Hillyer, John Reeves, Jeremiah Reeves, William Byars, Albert G. Beckham, Allen Morris, Jesse H. Davis, Robert Burt... (p. 186)

  1. Do we, as a body, on doctrinal points, hold those sentiments which have characterized orthodox Baptist churches from time immemorial, and particularly as embodied and set forth in the Articles of Faith adopted by the Georgia, Flint River, Ocmulgee and Yellow River Associations? (p. 187)
  “12. The first article was adopted unanimously without discussion. On the first query, after reading one of the Articles named, a general expression of approbation was given by almost every member present, except some few
belonging to the United Association, who dissented. Then each name was called separately, whether the doctrines of the Confession were heartily believed, and all answered Yes. The members of the United Association handed in their answer afterwards.
  “16. The members from the United Association handed in their answer in writing, touching the Articles of Faith : ‘Nothing in the Articles of Faith alluded to, presents any difficulty, except a part of the fourth Article, and some connexion with it in the sixth,’ signed E. Strickland, John Reeves, Andrew Cumbie, William Byars.
  “From this it is seen clearly that they do not agree with us in faith. The fourth and sixth Articles alluded to, are those in our Articles touching election and effectual calling.”

See also Abstract of Principles of the Georgia Baptist Association.

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