Monday, August 19, 2019

More things I thought of

or so I still think.

Too often we look for the big things and miss the little things (which are really the big things).

A church’s autonomy ends where her violation of Scripture begins.

A believer in Jesus marrying an unbeliever is sort of like a cat lover marrying someone who is allergic to cats.

There’s only one “in-crowd” that matters – those who are in Christ.

God is the truth of all true things, the good of all good things, and the beauty of all beautiful things.

To be New Testament Christians, we need to ask New Testament questions and give New Testament answers.

I ran from God as fast and as far as my swift sinful feet and wicked heart would carry me. God outran me. He overtook me.

Truth precedes knowledge, and knowledge precedes feeling.

The priests of Baal did not realize how much Elijah belittled their god, since they had such a little concept of god.

The inspired grammar of the Bible plainly shows that God actively, not passively, changed and/or controlled men’s thoughts and actions – deliberately, not accidentally.

Cappella – as in a cappella – has two a’s, two p’s, and two l’s. Stick a “c” and an “e” in there somewhere and you’ve got it. Capella is a goat.

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