Sunday, August 25, 2019

Look for the Waymarks

I did not have time to write about a song today, so I am posting Look for the Waymarks. I happened across this title and was intrigued by its use of the biblical word “waymarks.” It is quite different from most songs you see, and I’m not exactly sure what I think about it! Both the words and music were written (or published) in 1886 by Franklin E. Belden (1858-1945). The author was an Adventist, but also wrote songs for the evangelist Billy Sunday. It is 10s. meter with a chorus, related to the scripture in Daniel 2:31-44. The main point seems to be that the next big thing on God’s agenda is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Some of you might find this interesting.

1. Look for the waymarks as you journey on,
Look for the waymarks passing one by one;
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four;
Where are we standing? Look the waymarks o’er.

Look for the waymarks, the great prophetic waymarks,
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four.
Look for the waymarks, the great prophetic waymarks;
The journey’s almost o’er.

2. First, the Assyrian kingdom ruled the world,
Then Medo-Persia’s banners were unfurled;
And after Greece held universal sway,
Rome seized the scepter; Where are we today?

3. Down in the feet of iron and of clay,
Weak and divided, soon to pass away;
What will the next great, glorious drama be?
Christ and His coming, And eternity.

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