Thursday, November 29, 2018

Things I thought of

...or so I think.

After being created by the Borden’s Company, Elsie the Cow and Elmer the Bull soon became ‘legend dairy’.

Biblical norms have not changed. Society cannot figure out what to do with the sexual promiscuity to which they have consented and promoted.

Daylight Savings Time is bi-annual psychological warfare of the United States government against its people.

Our identity defines our activity. Our activity determines our attire.

Politics is shady business. And usually it’s the politicians blocking the light.

Religion without Jesus is like a manure pile; it stinks mightily until it finally dries up!

Sometimes we dismiss substantial portions of Scripture that do not fit our theology. More likely we should dismiss substantial portions of our theology that do not fit Scripture!

Western pulpits need to make their move from pathetic to prophetic.

Who says there is just one elephant in the room?

You don’t always get the gig you applied for. Deal with it!

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