Tuesday, April 05, 2016


The “Traditional” (Missionary Baptist) soteriological viewpoint I was brought up with was:
  1. Total Hereditary Depravity
  2. Conditional Election through Foreseen Faith
  3. General (or Universal) Atonement
  4. Free Choice (or Free Moral Agency)
  5. Eternal Security (or “Once Saved, Always Saved”)
*  The modern “Traditional” (Southern Baptist) viewpoint emphasizes “free choice” even more (almost to the point of Campbellism, imo), and washes total depravity out to an inclination. This view is called by some “Extensivism”.
** Not much was said about election, but when brought up some suggested that God looked down through time and chose those he knew would believe the gospel. It would not have been unusual for someone to speak of the atonement as “universal” – not in the sense of universal salvation, but that it made possible the salvation of everyone.

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