Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gems from J.D.

J. D. Hall is widely appreciated and unappreciated by a lot of people (both to a large degree because he is blunt and says what he thinks). I don't always agree with him, but appreciate his unique way of putting the point on things. Here are a few "gems".

"Another kid woke up in Heaven and came back with a best-seller. No, another kid. No. Another kid. Just shoot me in the face already." -- J. D. Hall

"Joel Osteen’s latest sermon was identical to the fortune cookie I got from the Great Wall of China restaurant last Tuesday." -- J. D. Hall

"There are a plethora of spiritual charlatans and doctrinal snake oil salesmen who really will ravage your friends, spiritually molest your family, theologically wound your coworkers and maim your loved ones. The fact is, if you love them and you see something, you should say something." -- J. D. Hall

"Be “that guy” who doesn’t feel the need to sit at the cool table." -- J. D. Hall

From Hall's blog post If You See Something Say Something

Three from another J. D., J. D. Greear in his book Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart:

"Only the security of knowing God has accepted you can free you to seek God for His own sake." -- J. D. Greear

"In Christ, there is nothing I could do that could make God love me more; nothing I have done that makes Him love me less." -- J. D. Greear

"A desire to desire God is the first echo of a heart awakened to God." -- J. D. Greear

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