Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quotes from The Easy Instructor

Quotes from The Easy Instructor: or, a New Method of Teaching Sacred Harmony, William Little and William Smith, Albany, NY: Websters & Skinners and Daniel Steele, n.d. (copyrighted in 1798, but apparently not published until 1801)

  • "...We know of no objection to this plan, unless that it is not in use..."
  • " easy...that any person of a tolerable voice might actually learn the art of psalmody without an instructor, if they could but obtain the sounds of the eight notes..."
  • "We have, therefore, the pleasure to inform the public, that since subscriptions have been in circulation, for this book, we have been honored with upwards of three thousand subscribers: In consequence of which, we flatter ourselves, that this book will meet with a kind reception."
  • "Above all things affectation should be guarded against-for whilst it is contrary to that humility which ever ought to characterise the devout worshipper, it must be an enemy to the natural ease which always distinguishes the judicious performance."
  • "Those who have but indifferent voices, will find great benefit, if after faithfully trying an easy tune themselves, they can get a good singer to sing with them..."
  • "Beating of time should be attended too before any attempt to founding the notes is made. Counting and beating frequently while learning the rules, will be of great service. A large motion of the hand is best at first, but as soon as the learner can beat with accuracy, a small motion is sufficient."
  • "Divine song is undoubtedly the language of nature."
  • "Joy is the natural effect of praise, and song the proper accompaniment of joy."

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