Sunday, December 20, 2015

God of my life

1. God of my life, whose gracious power
Through varied deaths my soul hath led,
Or turned aside the fatal hour,
Or lifted up my sinking head!

2. In all my ways Thy hand I own,
Thy ruling providence I see:
Assist me still my course to run,
And still direct my paths to Thee.

3. On Thee my helpless soul is cast,
And looks again Thy grace to prove;
I call to mind the wonders past,
The countless wonders of Thy love.

4. Thou, Lord, my spirit oft has stayed,
Hast snatched me from the gaping tomb,
A monument of Thy mercy made,
And rescued me from wrath to come.

5. Oft hath the sea confessed Thy power,
And gave me back to Thy command;
It could not, Lord, my life devour,
Safe in the hollow of Thine hand.

Charles Wesley, 1740

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