Thursday, April 23, 2015

With shape notes and a Sacred Harp

Here's a dab of doggerel for your day. Maybe some of you will enjoy it.

With shape notes and a Sacred Harp. C. M. (April 22, 2015)

1. There was a man in olden days
B. F. White was his name.
He made a friend in E. J. King
And taught him how to sing.

2. Together with their talents they
Compiled a great song book,
With shape notes and a Sacred Harp--
Well, that was all it took!

3. Young E. J. died before they could
Get their book back from press.
So B. F. took it on himself
To try to do his best.

4. He formed a music convention
They called Southern M. C.
It laid a solid foundation
From "A" to "Zynder-Zee."

5. The singing spread both near and far
Across the southern land;
To shape notes and The Sacred Harp,
A loyal faithful band.

6. When B. F. died there were no more
Editions of his book.
But lovers of the songs therein
Kept singing their hearts out.

7. Cooper and James and J. L. White
Decided that they could,
All take the book and revise it
For singers' future good.

8. The Densons came and did their part,
To add a future store
Of tunes made in the old time way
To sing on more and more.

9. The singings waned, but then blossomed
To spread from shore to shore;
And soon they couldn't be contained
Within the U.S. border.

10. Living composers write new tunes
In both important keys.
They write with strength, they write with power
With praise and energy.

11. With three song books and lots of heart
We're singing still today;
With shape notes and a Sacred Harp
In the old fashioned way.

12. We're singing loud, we're singing proud,
We're singing still today--
With shape notes and a Sacred Harp
In the old fashioned way.

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