Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fundamentalist witch hunt?

In an opinion piece on The Daily Beast, Karl W. Giberson describes Professor Tom Oord as the latest casualty of The Fundamentalist Witch Hunt. Giberson is certainly no unbiased reporter, and I found it interesting the different ways he feels about intellectuals and "fundamentalists". The "fundamentalists" are political, threatened, irate, homophobic, warmongers out for a witch hunt. On the other hand, the "thinking evangelicals" like Oord are beloved, intellectual, popular, respected, gentle, educated, pastoral, and lastly, victims. I can add two more -- dishonest and deceitful. Yes, when professors hide in seminaries supported by Bible-believing people who expect their students to be taught in accord with the faith they hold they are deceiving the people and being dishonest with the denominations that hire them.

* Disagreeing with Oord doesn't constitute agreement with how his termination was handled.

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