Monday, April 13, 2015

Davis tune, page 575

Corelli, Arcangelo (February 17, 1653—January 8, 1713) was born in Fusignano, Italy. He was a violinist, composer, and teacher and has been labeled with titles such as "Founder of Modern Violin Technique," "World's First Great Violinist," and "Father of the Concerto Grosso." According to historians, he "exercised a wide influence on his contemporaries and on the succeeding generation of composers." He died in 1713 in Rome. The Sacred Harp tune Davis comes from the hymn tune Londsalewhich in turn was derived by Ralph Harrison from a sonata movement by Arcangelo Corelli. Another four-shape arrangement of this appeared on page 88 of Union Harp and History of Songs under the title Ain.

Davis, Robert Marion (January 15, 1866—August 13, 1944) was the son of Dr. Robert Henry Davis (1824—1890; see Steel, p.104) – co-composer of 119 with John S. Terry – and Mary Ann Law (1830—1891). Davis arranged Sweet Peace and Lonsdale for 1927 edition of The Sacred Harp. He married first Mary Ann Nicholson in 1886 and after her death Emma Mosley in 1909. Robert M. and Mary Ann are buried at the Springfield Baptist Church Cemetery, Brundidge, Pike County, Alabama. R. M. Davis keyed music at Sacred Harp singings. He was a mentor of black Sacred Harp songster Dewey Williams, who said, “I’ve sung in every room of old man Davis’s house.”

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