Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Peace and Rest

Marshall, Leonard (May 3, 1809—July 1, 1890) was born, according to some sources in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and others in Hudson, New Hampshire. He was a composer, teacher of vocal music, and served as music director of several churches in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He was also popular as a tenor soloist. He lived in Boston for most of his life. In the 1830s he was a member of the Billings and Holden Society. In October 1843 he became a member of the Handel and Haydn Society. He died at Hudson in New Hampshire on July 1, 1890. Marshall compiled several musical books, including The Antiquarian (1849), The Harpsichord (with Henry N. Stone, 1852), The Hosanna (1856), The Sacred Star (1861), Sabbath Songs for Children's Worship (with J. C. Proctor and Samuel Burnham, 1869), and The Champion (1879). According to Burrage, he wrote the words to an Easter hymn which begins "Jesus Christ, our precious Savior," and the 8.7.4. meter hymn beginning "Ever gracious, loving Savior, Come and bless us from on high." His brother, Wyzeman Marshall, was a noted stage actor in New York City and Boston. His arrangement of the sentence or benediction "May grace and truth, sweet peace and rest, dwell in each breast" is the basis of the tune SWEET PEACE on page 574 of the 2012 edition of The Sacred Harp.

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