Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Baptist Joke

Did you hear about the two Baptists that met while vacationing in England? One was from America and the other was from Germany. After dinner the American Baptist lit a cigar and began to smoke. The German Baptist was highly offended. He was so shocked he almost spilled his beer.


Unknown said...

When we attended a conservative Baptist church in Spain, for potlucks after communion, they would put out a bottle of fizzy water, a bottle of Coke, a bottle of beer, and a bottle of wine on all the tables — except the kids' tables. They wouldn't get Coke, because caffeine is bad for kids.

R. L. Vaughn said...

I think most Baptists outside the U.S. aren't infected with the prohibition background that many conservatives and fundamentalists have.

The joke itself is probably a little outdated, because most Americans frown on cigars and cigarettes. When I was a kid, probably a majority of the ministers smoked, and most folks seemed to think little or nothing of it.

brad bahler said...

This has happened in my family! And as you say, it was from an era (my grandparents) when smoking was more acceptable. One family member was chastised for smoking, and her reply was "well if you went to my church, they would chastise you for making beer in your basement!" Both came from strict backgrounds