Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 links to 10 stories

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* A do-ahead breakfast to bake while you celebrate -- "With all those presents to open, nobody wants to spend Christmas morning in the kitchen."
* 'A Public Safety Disaster': ObamaCare Could Force THOUSANDS of Volunteer Fire Departments to Close -- "Volunteer fire departments all across the U.S. could find themselves out of money and unable to operate unless Congress or the Obama Administration exempts them from the Affordable Care Act."
* Colorado boy, 6, suspended, accused of sexual harassment for kissing girl on cheek -- "Sandy Wurtele, a child psychologist, was critical about the district's decision to punish the boy over the kiss."
* Cuban-American lawmakers dismayed over Obama handshake with 'thug' Castro -- "Cuban-American lawmakers expressed their displeasure Tuesday over President Obama shaking the hand of Raul Castro during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela."
* For Interfaith Gay Couples, Just One Obstacle Is Cleared -- "As tolerance for same-sex marriage rapidly grows, interfaith gay couples are finding that the same spiritual leaders who support the civil right to wed might object on theological grounds to religiously mixed ceremonies."
* Man sleeps for 10 hours unaware of knife stuck in his back -- "A Trenton man slept soundly for about 10 hours with a knife stuck in the middle of his back Sunday before discovering he had been stabbed during a fistfight on his porch, police said today."
* Mystery 'Tips for Jesus' tipper identified in NYC -- "The generous mystery tipper who has been leaving waiters and waitresses across the country thousands of dollars in 'Tips for Jesus' — and stamped with the @tipsforjesus handle — was identified by a New York City waiter as Jack Selby, former PayPal vice president."
* Stocks Lower After Hitting Record -- "While the market continues to test new heights, few investors believe stocks will move significantly higher from these levels in the short run."
* Tom Cruise, John Travolta Attend Dedication Of 'Super Power' Scientology Building In Florida -- "The building will host Scientology's first "Super Power" program, developed in the 1970s by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard."
* Toomey amendment would exempt more faith groups from ENDA -- "Under Toomey's plan, exemptions from the ban would cover organizations managed by a church or religious group, those formally affiliated with a particular religion, or those that teach a curriculum directed toward propagating a particular religion."

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