Friday, December 13, 2013

Said about song books, music and singing

"To have good church music we must have good music in our families, and nothing is better calculated to bring happiness to our firesides.  Families, like churches, cannot harbor divisions and discord when all regularly unite in making good music." -- Ivy Daggan

"I have endeavoured to make this book a complete Musical Companion for the aged as well as the youth. Those that are partial to ancient music, will find here some good old acquaintances which will cause them to remember with pleasure the scenes of life that are past and gone; while my youthful companions, who are more fond of modern music, I hope will find a sufficient number of new tunes to satisfy them, as I have spared no pains in trying to select such tunes as would meet the wishes of the public." -- William Walker, 1835

"Music is a sensation of pleasure produced in the mind by means of sounds." -- Elam Ives, Jr.

"The Law allowed the poor to bring turtledoves...At some level, we are all musically poor. Our finest hymns are humble little offerings compared to the music of heaven." -- James S. Martin

"Music is of divine origin, for we learn that when the corner stone of earth was laid, the Morning Stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." -- James S. Warren, Jr.

“Tunes for the Psalmes, I find none set of God: so that each people is to use the most grave, decent, and comfortable manner of singing that they know, according the general rule.  1 Cor 14: 26, 40.  ‘Let all things be done unto edifying.’  ‘Let all things be done decently, and in order.’  The singing notes, therefore, I have most taken from our former Englished Psalmes, when they will fit the measure of the verse: and for the other long verses, I have also taken (for the most part) the gravest and easiest of the French and Dutch Psalmes (Tunes.)” -- Henry Ainsworth (as quoted by Lowell Mason in The National Psalmist)

"Next to the Bible is your Hymn Book." -- American Baptist Hymnal preface

"It is as much the duty of those who have the ability, to learn to sing the praises of God as it is to learn his word." -- 1844 Sacred Harp

“I believe that music is one of the most powerful agents for good or evil.” -- Dwight L. Moody

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