Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A quota of quotables

"Oh, what a dreamy, shadowy thing is a mere profession of religion! And what a delusive cheat is all the pleasure to be gained by sin! How it leaves a soul naked and bare, wounded, stripped, and guilty before God! We have often promised ourselves pleasure in sin; and what have we found? The wormwood and the gall." -- J. C. Philpot

"I listened to a news broadcast/commentary on my way to work. They were discussing the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut.   They each in turn expressed incredulity that a human being could be so evil as to do such a thing and were seeking answers...
"...such things occur not as “aberrations” to convince us of their oddity but in order that we might never forget the underlying corruption that is in us all by nature. It is truly of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed." -- Mike McInnis

"Please let's not shout and yell at the poor Wal-Mart greeters if they say 'Holiday'. They are just trying to be nice.  Those of us with Jesus in our hearts should be able to do the same." -- Dan Barnes

"Goats never make sound church members; only the sheep walk in His statutes." -- Stanley Phillips

"Anger is a growth-killing, soul-chilling sin." -- Dave Miller

"Every counterfeit Christian is a tribute to the value of Christianity." (We counterfeit things with value.) -- Adrian Rogers

“God knows when something glorious in the future necessitates something difficult in the present.” -- Beth Moore

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