Monday, December 16, 2013

Mentioned by Martin on Music

The following enticing comments were made by James S. Martin of Scurry, Texas. They are found in his piece, What’s on the Praise Menu?.

“A century of over-dependence on major key, 'happy-clappy' praise songs has dulled our senses to the more serious expressiveness of minor key songs.”

“Songs do not merely preach; they change our thinking in ways we are not aware of. 'Gospel songs' have probably done more to shape our concepts of salvation and conversion than all our preaching put together.”

"The Law allowed the poor to bring turtledoves, and God certainly honors the saint who brings Wonderful Story of Love. At some level, we are all musically poor. Our finest hymns are humble little offerings compared to the music of heaven. Jesus taught a powerful lesson from the lady who gave two mites, but He did not teach that we should all give two mites so that no one feels left out."

"We ought to maintain a healthy distrust of our natural inclinations in music."

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