Saturday, September 14, 2013

The body of Christ at Sandy Valley

I have created, in my mind at least, a body of Christ in the fictional community of Sandy Valley. I hope monthly to tell a humorous story of the congregation, hopefully mixed with a little "moral" to the story. These stories include some "church jokes" that have been "in the air" for years, some adaptations of real incidents (with names changes to protect the innocent and the guilty), and some which may be combinations of both. These will be stories of conference (business meetings), visits of the pastor to his congregation, and more. I'll leave it to the reader to get both the humor and the moral. I hope to succeed in writing well enough for that to happen. If any of you readers would give your feedback, I would appreciate it. Here are some of the people and places in my stories so far. Lord willing, I will begin shortly and keep it up as enabled.

Members of Sandy Valley
Reverend Nebbish Peacock, pastor of the Sandy Valley congregation
Sister Mary Peacock, wife of the good reverend Peacock
Elder Poden Tate, an elder in Sandy Valley
Deacon Richard "Dick" Tate, brother of Poden
Sister Hessie Tate, wife of Dick Tate
Deacon Spencer "Speck" Tate, brother of Dick and Poden
Deacon Hod Dobbs
Deacon Tal Goodnews, oldest deacon in the church
Noah Goodnews, son of Tal Goodnews
Deacon Drew Drewery
Newley Drewery, son of Drew Drewery
Ellis Woodenby, a member of Sandy Valley
Sister Dinah Kitchens, a member of Sandy Valley
Sister Susie Stuflotz, a member of Sandy Valley
Sister Patricia Swaggin, a member of Sandy Valley
Widow Feliticia Douger, a wealthy widow at Sandy Valley
Widow Alma Popper, a poor widow in the congregation
Sister Doola Lang, a member of Sandy Valley

Other people and places
Sandy Valley, the community where it all happens
Hayden Bluff, a town in the next county
Possum Creek, a nearby community some 10 miles from Sandy Valley
Oak Ridge, a nearby community up the hills from Sandy Valley
Fondren Gailey, a local bachelor under suspicion
Serena Lang, a woman of less than sparkling repute; sister-in-law of Doola Lang
Sister Sarah Sweets, an Oak Ridge freewill church member
Reverend Manuel Manly, pastor of the Oak Ridge freewill church
Reverend Rube Askew, former pastor of Possum Creek


RCope said...

Looking forward to reading it

R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks, Bro. Copeland. I am tentatively thinking I will post these once a month. Maybe on the first Sunday night of the month. I have several stories prepared ahead, but I am not sure if I can keep up a steady pace. I hope this will be something folks find worthwhile.

Unknown said...

Me too!