Sunday, September 01, 2013

Old advice, good advice

Let us, dear brethren, keep the old gospel plow moving. Let us plow deep and wide. Do not cut and cover. Plow every inch of the ground, and the church will have fewer unconverted men and women in it. Do not try to add men and women to the church. God will do this if the material is right. I fear their are many in the church, so to speak, God did not place there. Let us be careful how we build. Let us look more to quality than quantity. 

Do not beg people. If once you begin begging, they will go pouting. Do not try to pull them in, for if you do, when you quit pulling they will backslide. Do not try to fiddle people into the church, for if you do, when you quit fiddling, they will fiddle out.

Just preach the gospel plainly to people and keep right on preaching the gospel. Fill the honest heart full of truth and such will obey. Dishonest-hearted people the Devil will keep and God cannot reach them. Preach the gospel and be happy -- never quit! 

- Henry Devere, Batesville, Ark.
Pleasant Valley Bulletin - 1915

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