Sunday, September 15, 2013

7 Links regarding Sermons

Last Sunday I posted a few quotes about sermons. This Sunday I supply 7 links to writings on the topic of sermons. The posting of these links does not mean I agree with the things written. But I believe that will incite some thought on the topic. There is lot of information on the world wide web about sermons, and the expository sermon seems to be what curries the most favor at the present time. Too often, in my opinion, discussion about sermons are mostly logical extrapolations of what teachers think we ought to do, and do not investigate the actual sermons recorded in the New Testament.

A Model Sermon
Five Features of Preaching in the Book of Acts
Have You Read the Oldest Christian Sermon Outside of the New Testament?
Preaching in the Book of Acts
Scriptural preaching, without notes
True New Testament Preaching
Taking the Text Test

In addition, I recommend All the Sermons of Acts: a study course of twenty-six expository lessons by James W. Griffith (Baptist Sunday School Committee, 1966) -- if you can find it.

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