Thursday, November 02, 2006

When Jesus Christ was here below

Wade Kotter supplied me with this text. It was published (without attribution) in "A Prayer Meeting and Revival Hymn Book" (10th stereotyped ed., 1843, Harrisburg, published by JohnWinebrenner).

When Jesus Christ was here below
He taught His people what to do;
And if we would His precepts keep,
We must descend to washing feet.

For on that night He was betray'd,
He for us all a pattern laid;
Soon as His supper He did eat,
He rose and wash'd His brethren's feet.

The Lord who made the earth and sky,
Arose and laid His garments by;
And washed their feet to show that we
Should always kind and humble be.

He wash'd them all to make them clean
But Judas still was full of sin;
May none of us, like Judas, sell
The Lord for gold, and go to hell.

Peter said "Lord, it shall not be,
"Thou shalt not stoop to washing me."
O that no Christian here may say
I'm too unworthy to obey.

"You call me Lord, and Master too,
"Then do as I have done to you;
"All my commands and councils keep,
"And show your love by washing feet.

"Ye shall be happy if you know
"And do these things by faith below;
"And I'll protect you till you die,
"And then remove you up on high."

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R. L. Vaughn said...

If I were me (and I think I am) I would probably use stanzas 1, 2, 3 and 6.