Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Renewing God's People" -- short review

I purchased, read and enjoyed Renewing God's People: A Concise History of the Churches of Christ by Gary Holloway and Douglas Foster (Abilene Christian University Press, 2001). The authors are members of the Churches of Christ (evidently on the more progressive end), and write from a standpoint of both sympathy and honesty. The book recounts the journey of the Churches of Christ (the conservative wing of the Stone-Campbell movement) from a people who professed to be Christians only, to a people who came to believe they were the only Christians. This is not just historical data, but analysis of why they think this happened and a call to these people back to the original restoration plea. Though the book is written more to the people of these churches, I would recommend it as a concise introduction for those who might be interested in the historical journey of the "Churches of Christ."

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Jeff Woolverton said...

The link below is to the site "Freedom's Ring", by Cecil Hook. I've corresponded with Mr. Hook. He too has come out of "the only Christians" part of the "Church of Christ". On his site are copies of books he's written. Of particular interest to me are his comments on joining the church and baptism. I think you'll find this site very interesting. Link:


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