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Baptists in Britain, Australia and Canada

A list of Baptist associations that exist in the British Isles (I would appreciate more information about Baptists in these Isles).

Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland (was the Baptist Union of Ireland)

Baptist Union of Great Britain
Baptist Union of Scotland
Baptist Union of Wales
Grace Baptist Assembly
Gospel Standard Strict Baptists
Jesus Fellowship Church
Old Baptist Union

The Jesus Fellowship Church grew out of the Bugbrooke Baptist Church in Northamptonshire after division from the Baptist Union of Great Britain. They may no longer consider themselves Baptists. There also used to be a Christian Pathway Strict Baptist group, but I think they may no longer exist. I'm sure there are independent churches that exist apart from any of these groups.

A list of Baptist associations that exist in Australia (I would appreciate more information about Baptists in Australia).

Australian Baptist Independent Fellowship
Baptist Union of Australia
Faith Baptist Churches Fellowship
Seventh Day Baptists
Strict and Particular Baptists

There are independent churches that exist apart from these groups, including some created by American missionary work; but it seems that the vast majority of Baptists in Australia participate in the Baptist Union.

A list of some of the Baptist groups in Canada (I hope some of our Canadian friends will tell us more; hint, hint, Jim!)

Association of Regular Baptist Churches of Canada
Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec
Baptist Union of Western Canada
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
Landmark Missionary Baptist Association of Quebec (L'Association des Églises Missionnaire Baptiste Landmark du Québec)
Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada
Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention of Canada
Union of French Baptist Churches (L'Union d'Églises Baptistes Françaises au Canada)
Union of Slavic Churches of Evangelical Christians and Slavic Baptists of Canada

The Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, Baptist Union of Western Canada, Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, and the Union of French Baptist Churches work together through Canadian Baptist Ministries. Two other native Baptist groups in Canada are the Covenanted Baptist Church of Canada and the Primitive Baptist Conference of New Brunswick, Maine, and Nova Scotia (briefly mentioned on the linked page). Besides these, there are several churches that participate in associations & conventions that are United States based.

Of the status of the Covenanted Baptist Church of Canada, Elder J. F. Poole wrote that it "today exists only in skeleton form. A few years ago there were about 5 meetinghouses with one membership attending them all. A sad division took place and the flock was generally scattered. There may be one small group meeting there now with a minister going up from the States to speak to them." That was the status in July 2000. This group is/was a predestinarian group similar to and in fellowship with the Absolute Predestinarian Primitive Baptists.

The Primitive Baptist Conference of New Brunswick, Maine, and Nova Scotia still exists, but under a different name. They are NOT related to the Primitive Baptists of the United States, but are part of the Free Baptist movement in the northeast (U.S. & Canada). They separated from the Free Christian Baptists on questions of practice and order. In 1981, sixteen churches of the Primitive Baptist Conference (in New Brunswick) united with the National Association of Free Will Baptists and are known as the Atlantic Canada Association of Free Will Baptists. I have heard rumor that a few churches may not have participated in this union and still exist as "Primitive Baptists".


amity said...

You don't mean no more Strict and Particulars in Great Britian, do you? Say it ain't so!

R. L. Vaughn said...

It ain't so! The Gospel Standard Strict Baptists are both Strict (closed communion) and Particular (unconditional election, atonement, etc.). Some of the local associations related to the Grace Baptist Assembly, I believe, still use "Strict and Particular", but strictly speaking, I believe that the Grace churches are no longer consistently strict (closed communion).

Anonymous said...

A lot of changes have come about in my lifetime, both in the UK and Canada.

I started out with the British Baptist Union. It was a mixture of liberal and conservative members, When I came to Canada, I associated with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. It was also a mixture of liberals and conservatives. After my military service as a chaplain, I went to seminary under the Regular Baptists (Jarvis St. Baptist-Toronto Baptist Seminary. Later I went with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada.

In 1927, liberalism took over McMaster University, which was in Toronto then, and Dr. T.T. Sheilds spoke up against modernism and was eventually expelled from the Baptist Covention along with his church. There were many men and churches throughout Ontario that left with him, but mostly remained independent. Shields formed the Regular Baptist Association. They were all Calvinist, amillennial, closed communion, etc.

In the early 50's, there were some personality splits that took place and a second seminary was started called Central Baptist Seminary. ALso, the Fellowship of Evangelical CHurches was formed in 1953. Some of the men were dispensational and this caused a rift with some, but the Fellowship grew and tolerated these differences in eschatology, and moderate calvinism,,the idea that foreknowledge was the basis for election....the Dallas thing. Open communion also became contentious. Remember, a lot of these churches came out of the Baptist Convention, and some flaws travelled with them.

The various conventions by province we always considered as being "Convention" churches, or one group divided by province.

Sovereign Grace Fellowship started by some graduates of Toronto Baptist Seminary was formed around Calvinism and the sovereignty of God. They were very much like the original Regular Baptist Association, with minor differences,,,,,,,more personalities than anything.

The term that Baptists are ubiquitous certainly applies to Baptists in Canada and especially in the Maritimes. I could never keep up with them.

We also have a lot of "new" churches popping up started by American missionaries...I always loved that! Some of them brought KJV onlyism and other weird doctrines. I don't where the SBC stands in Canada to-day. I know one church started near Toronto and it cause much strife among Baptists; they were so superior to any of us, and we mostly shoved them off as a cult.

I have sort of lost track of many of them over the past 34 years, since I was teaching at a secular university. I was somewhat isolated in the Kingston area.

Wish I could be of more help, but afraid I forget so much these days. I have enough trouble remembering what day it is. Wife has to mark it on my white board every day.

Interesting though. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Baptist Associations in the UK also include:

+ The Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East)
+ The Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia)
+ The Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Midlands)

These are all particular (ie Calvinistic) in their theology and strict (ie practising some form of controlled communion table).

Most of the churches in these associations will be listed in the Grace Baptist Directory, along with others - such as the church where I am minister - which are particular but not strict. Some of them will send delegates to the Grace Baptist Assembly, which, contrary to the information on your page, is not an association, but an annual conference.

Many of the Grace Baptist Churches have their trust deeds administered by one of these two trust companies:

+ Grace Baptist Trust Corporation - which is strict and particular.
+ Grace Baptist Charities Limited - which is linked to The Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East), but, unlike the Association, is particular but not strict.

The Grace Baptist Churches have a missionary society (Grace Baptist Mission) a publishing house (Grace Publications Trust) and a monthly magazine (Grace Magazine). They have two charitable funds (The Particular Baptist Fund and The Strict Baptist Trust and Pension Fund), and are involved in many other British Christian organisations.

Most of the Grace Baptist organisations have their own websites, and many can be accessed via (which is not a Baptist site!).

R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks for your comments, and welcome to "Seeking the Old Paths". I'll attempt to reply later, but I just wanted to let you know that I have seen your post.

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