Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The person God intends

Proverbs 12:4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

“God never makes mistakes. Never! So whoever you’re married to is the person that God intends for you to make a happy home with...” -- Franklin Senters, from Living in His Word Devotions, October 12, 2006

Agree or disagree?


amity said...

Disagree with the second statement. God never makes mistakes, but people do often go against the will of God and make plenty of mistakes of their own. Marriage sometimes being one of them.

However, said person may just be stuck, scripturally speaking. If a marriage is a mistake, it is a mistake we only get to make once in most circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Disagree - I am not a bible scholar, but I don't know that God necessarily selects a mate for us. He knew us before the world and He provided our salvation for us, but left us choices to make and lessons to learn.
We make our choices in life and live with the results to the extent that we humanly can and then we make other choices. Sometimes we don't get those right either, but as we come to learn God's will for us we get better at it.

clinch64 said...

I would say there are lots who have made a mistake on more than one occasion. Look at all of these celebrities and so forth who have been married multiple times.

It is a hard question to reconcile between foreknowledge and freewill.

Anonymous said...

It took me three times to get it right and between numbers two and three I dodged more than a couple bad bullets. Eventually, I got off me and got to thinking about others and the right combination of people came together for the betterment of both and hopefully the glory of God. Was it David who said, "I waited patiently on the Lord..." ??

Unknown said...

I see that this post is from 2006, but I would like to share my thoughts and experiences. I 100% believe that God has a husband and wife for everyone. I believe the key to finding the person that God wants you to marry is praying for him to send you the person that is His will for the you to spend your life with. I feel that a large number of people fail to talk to God about who they should marry, and therefore we see so many divorces and terrible things happening in marriages today. Before my husband and I decided to get married, we did ALOT of praying because we wanted to be sure that we were doing God's will, and not our own will. One night my husband, Aaron(we were just dating at this time), myself and our friend Louisa were driving back from revival somewhere about 2 hours from home. The whole ride home I kept getting this feeling that I was supposed to tell Aaron that I loved him that night. We had only been dating a month or so, and at that time I wasn't for sure if I loved him or not. This feeling would not go away, and I was thinking to myself, why in the world I am supposed to tell this man that I loved him when I wasn't sure if I did or not. And I sure wasn't going to tell him in front of our friend. We got back and dropped our friend off at her car, and then Aaron took me back to his house where my car was. I invited myself in and asked Aaron if we could talk. After about 30 minutes I finally told him I loved him. Aaron started crying and told me that he prayed on the way home and asked God to have me tell him I loved him that night if it was God's will for us to be together and get married. It's so amazing the way God works!! We have been happily married for almost a year now!! June 25, 2017 is our 1 year anniversary. God has blessed our lives tremendously so far on this journey with him!! God bless!