Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mountains and Molehills

  • Based on their own testimony, Modern Versionists make mountains out of molehills.
  • Based on their own testimony, Modern Versionists are spending millions for almost zero sum gain.
I may write more on this later, but for now...

It struck me that one tack used by supporters of modern versions ultimately means that they make mountains out of molehills. Why the drive to create more and ever newer versions of the Bible? A passive aggressive attack against the King James Version and King James Onlyists says that there really is little to no difference in any of the English Bibles. 
Concerning differences in English translations, Luke Wayne tells us they are minor and do not affect doctrine:
Such differences are far more insignificant than these discussions make them sound. If you approach any English translation and read it fairly, you will walk away with the same body of fundamental Christian doctrine from any of them.
Another person wrote:
The simple truth is that the vast majority of such “differences” involve little words that do not change the meaning of the Biblical text in the no case is any doctrine of the Christian faith affected by any of these variant readings.
It seems to me that King James Onlyists who say the differences matter are more consistent on this point. If there is little difference, is it not making a mountain out of a molehill to condemn those who hold on to their King James translations rather than accept the newest and latest model? If there is little difference, why spend millions of dollars to create hundreds of translations that ultimately will say basically the same thing in somewhat diffferent words? What am I missing?

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