Saturday, April 03, 2021

In other words; aggravation, aggregation, and aggrupation

  • adorkable, adjective. Unfashionable or socially awkward in a way regarded as appealing or endearing.
  • aggravation, noun. The act of aggravating or the state of being aggravated; a source of continuing, increasing irritation or trouble; exasperation.
  • aggregation, noun. A group or mass of distinct or varied things, persons, etc.; collection into an unorganized whole; the state of being so collected.
  • aggrupation, noun. An association or grouping, esp. a political organization; an affiliation formed on the basis of common interests or objectives.
  • derpiness, noun. (informal) The act of being stupid or silly but generally in an inoffensive way.
  • didapper, noun. A little grebe or dabchick (a small diving water bird); hence, figuratively, someone who disappears for a time and then suddenly reappears again.
  • dunduckety, adjective. Designating a drab nondescript color, esp. a dull brown resembling the color of mud; of such a color.
  • ferhoodle, verb (used with object). (Chiefly Pennsylvania German Area) To confuse or mix up.
  • florid, adjective. Having a red or flushed complexion; elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated.
  • foofy, adjective. Elaborate or intricate (esp. excessively so); fussily decorative.
  • gunsel, noun. (informal) A criminal carrying a gun.
  • hagiography, noun. The writing of the lives of saints. A biography that treats its subject with undue reverence. Cf. legendarium, passionary.
  • legendarium, noun. A body or collection of lives or legends of the saints; spec. a book of readings from saints’ lives, often used as lessons during church services, a lectionary. Cf. hagiography, passionary
  • martyrology, noun. The branch of knowledge or history dealing with the lives of martyrs; a list of martyrs.
  • passionary, noun. A book containing accounts of the sufferings of saints and martyrs, for reading on their feast days; a martyrology. Cf. hagiography, legendarium.
  • perfervid, adjective. Intense and impassioned; ardent.
  • prelection, noun. A public lecture, talk, or reading; especially a college or university lecture given to students; such a lecture in written form.
  • tergiversate, verb (used without object). To change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc.; equivocate.

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