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Minutes of the Sabine Baptist Association, 1849

Yesterday I posted the first minutes of the Sabine Baptist Association. Today I am posting the last, from 1849. This transcription is made from a photocopy held at the library at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, which is a two-page handwritten document. I have tried to reproduce the original as best as possible, even attempting to capture the feel of the handwritten document. In places, the copy is blotched, marred, or otherwise hard to read. I have inserted in brackets [] words of which I am unsure.

Minutes of The Sabine Baptist Association Held with the Mount Olive Church on the 6th, 7th & 8th of October.
The Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder William Brittain from Mark the 12th Chapter 10 & 11 Verses.  And have ye not read in the Scriptures, The Stone which the Builders &c. After which the association met at the place [prepared] for their Sitting. When the association was called to order singing and prayer by Elder [E. R.] Berry.
1st. The letters from the different churches were received, read and the names of delegates enrolled. (See table of churches) [i]
2nd. Opened the door of the association for the reception of newly constituted churches whereupon four churches presented petitionary letters praying for admittance into this association (Concord Salem Ebenezer & Antioch) [when] upon due Examination being found Orthodox and Orderly they were received and their delegates invited to take seat and partisipate in the [Business] of the association.
3rd. Proceeded to Elect a Moderator and Clerk when Elder B. C. Walters was chosen Moderator and Brother William Roark Clerk.
4th. Appointed Brethren Sillman Roark & Stephens a committee to arrange preaching during the sitting of the Association.
5th. Proceed Appointed Elder William Brittain Elder Robert Turner W. S. Tailor Alen Birdwell Ben Sillman and the Moderator and Clerk a committee of arangements.
[When/Then] the association adjourned to meet on Monday morning [9] o’clock.
Monday morning 9 o’clock
The asociation met pursuant to adjournment.
Roll cald and pryr by Brother Turner.
Rules of decorum red & proceded to business.
1st. The Report of the Committ Red & Recd.
The 1st Item of which was the request from the Mt Zion Church requesting the association to disolve
After considerable labour & debate on the the subject the association disolved.

Wm Roark.—Clerk [ii]

[i] There is no table of churches with the handwritten copy.
[ii] William Roark was the son-in-law of Isaac Reed. He married Margarete Reed. They were probably members of the Mount Olive Church in 1849, which church Reed organized in 1844.

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