Monday, March 18, 2019

Words, and more words

Words, words, words, another batch.
  • à deux, adverb. For, or involving, two people; as a couple.
  • absit omen, phrase. ‘May the omen be absent’: used as an imprecation when referring to a possible undesirable event, in the hope that it will not come to pass.
  • attractionalism, noun. A system of church practice of seeking favor with unbelievers by pointing out how similar church members are to the world (as opposed to being distinct from the world), making the church attractive without focusing on sin, conviction, and repentance.
  • badling, noun. A collective term for a group of ducks.
  • dissemble, verb. To conceal one’s true nature or motives.
  • dysania, noun. The state of having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.
  • dyspnea, noun. (Pathology) Difficult or labored breathing.
  • EGOT, noun. The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards viewed as a single achievement. Also: a person who has won all four awards.
  • entregent, noun. Social interaction; also: a capacity for this.
  • heterophily, noun. The tendency of people to be drawn to those they perceive to be most unlike themselves, or of individuals to collect in diverse groups. Opposite of homophily.
  • homophily, noun. The tendency of people to be drawn to or seek out those they perceive to be most like themselves. Also: such similarities between individuals or groups. Opposite of heterophily.
  • imaginarian, noun. A person concerned with imaginary things; a fantasist. Also: one who stresses the imagination.
  • impervium, noun. A virtually impenetrable or indestructible substance.
  • jactance, noun. Boasting; vainglorious speaking.
  • keep down, phrasal verb. Stop from increasing in size or number.
  • magirist, noun. An expert in cookery.
  • papillote, noun. A small triangular piece of paper used to enclose and hold in place damp hair which has been wound into a curl; a curl-paper.
  • passeggiata, noun. A leisurely walk, a promenade, esp. one taken at a regular time.
  • questionous, adjective. Given to asking questions; inquisitive.
  • sticking point, noun. A matter on which a person will not yield or compromise; something which prevents progress towards an agreement or goal.
  • verboten, adjective. Forbidden; not allowed.

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