Thursday, March 28, 2019

Words about books

Words related to parts of or things about books.
  • acknowledgments, noun. A statement of thanks at the beginning of a book, made by the writer to people who have helped.
  • addendum, noun. A piece of extra information that is added to a book, document, speech, etc.
  • afterword, noun. Part at the end of a book that has a few final remarks.
  • appendix, noun. A section giving extra details at the end of a book, part of a book, or document.
  • corrigenda, noun. (plural of corrigendum) A list of corrections of errors in a book or other publication.
  • dedication, noun. A statement at the beginning of something such as a book or song that tells people it has been written for a person you love or admire.
  • epilogue, noun. An extra part added at the end of a novel, long poem, or other piece of writing.
  • errata, noun. (plural of erratum) A list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication.
  • flyleaf, noun. The first or last page of a book that is next to the cover and has nothing printed on it
  • foreword, noun. Short introduction to a book, usually written by someone other than the writer.
  • index, noun.
  • introduction, noun. The part at the beginning of a book that gives a general idea of its contents.
  • mise-en-page, noun. (Typography) Placement on a page, page layout; the design of printed pages, including the layout of text and illustrations (also mise en page).
  • preface, noun. Introduction to a book (or a speech).
  • prologue, noun. literature a piece of writing at the start of a book that introduces the story
  • recto, noun. A page on the right side of an open book (compare verso).
  • spine, noun. The edge of a book where all the pages are fixed together
  • title page, noun. The page at the front of a book that shows its title, the name of the writer etc
  • verso, noun. A page on the left side of a book (compare recto).
  • vignette, noun. A small decoration printed in a book.

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