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Texas Free Baptist Association, 1899

Following is a report of the Texas Free Will Baptist Association, October 19-22, 1899, as printed in the Bryan Morning Eagle, Vol. 4, No. 285, Ed. 1 Fri., October 27, 1899, page 4

Begin newspaper report—

Important Meeting Held at Wellborn—Desire to Establish a School at Bryan—Missionary Employed

The Free Baptist Association met with the church at Wellborn, Thursday night, the meeting continuing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There was a good attendance and the meeting was much enjoyed throughout and profitable of good results. Below we give the proceedings in detail.

            Rev. Orr being absent, the introductory sermon Thursday night was preached by Rev. D. R. Jameson, of Rusk.

            The meeting was called to order by Rev. A. M. Stewart, moderator, who read a passage from Phillippians.
            The secretary being absent, T. A. Cloud, of Kurten, was elected assistant secretary.
Following is the list of delegates elected by the various churches:
Spring Hill—Pat Franklin, C. C. Railey, J. J. Tipton.
Liberty—J. R. Landers, J. D. George.
            Christian Home—J. P. Gilpin, Mrs. Mattie Holmes, T. A. Cloud.
            Plainview—C. A. Griffin, E. L. Carr.
            Wellborn—A. J. Battle, B. E. Gentry, M. B. Laski.
            Union Chapel—T. D. Ross, Burtis Ross.
            Stewart Chapel—D. R. Jameson.
            Good Hope—D. R. Jameson.
            Union Harbor—No representative. Sent letter.
            Brightlight—A. W. Dyes, M. G. Buchanan, Misses Maggie Holland and Ida Graham.
            Hollis—Not represented. Sent letter.
            Sulphur Springs—Not represented.
            Bryan—J. L. Edge, Mrs. T. E. Mike, Mrs. M. N. Brockman.
            Evergreen—W. W. Crenshaw, C. E. Turner, J. C. Gilmore.
            Union Springs—D. R. Jameson.

            Rev A. M. Stewart was re-elected moderator.
            The following on services were appointed: A. W. Dyess, A. B. McSwain, W. E. Graham, J. L. Edge, C. E. Turner.
Rev. W. T. Wood preached at 11 a. m., after which dinner was spread.
The house was again called to order at 2 p. m., followed by prayer.
Letters from different churches, indicating their prosperous condition, were read.
A petition for membership in the Association was read from Union Spring church and acted upon favorably.
The following committees were announced:
Schools and Education—W. W. Crenshaw, B. E. Gentry, J. C. Gilmore, T. D. Ross.
Revision of Constitution—J. P. Gilpin, A. W. Dyess, Miss Mattie Holmes, Mrs. M. N. Brockman, Rev. A. M. Stewart.
Temperance—A. J. Battle, C. A. Griffin, C. E. Turner.
Obituary—D. R. Jameson, J. J. Tipton, J. D. George.
Sunday School Prayer Meeting—J. R. Landers, C. A. Griffin, E. L. Carr, A. W. Dyess, Rev. W. T. Wood.
Literature—C. C. Railey, J. L. Edge, T. D. Ross, Mrs. T. E. Mike, Miss Maggie Holland.
Business—A. J. Battle, D. R. Jameson, J. L. Landers, B. E. Gentry.

Rev. W. W. Crenshaw preached Friday night.

            House called to order by the moderator, who read from the scriptures. Prayer offered by T. D. Ross.
            The reports of the committees on revision of Constitution and on Obituaries were received and adopted.
            The report of the committee on Schools and Education was read and followed by a lengthy discussion regarding the necessity for the establishment of a Free Baptist school. This discussion was participated in by Rev. J. G. Graham, Rev. A. M. Stewart, Rev. Crenshaw, C. C. Railey, B. E. Gentry, A. W. Dyess and J. L. Edge. Offers of donations were made, and it was the concensus of opinion that the school should be located at Bryan. The discussion was concluded by the delegates from the various churches being instructed to see what can be done in their respective churches for the work and report to the board.
            A discussion on missionary work which favored putting a missionary in the field, occupied the attention of the Association until the dinner hour.
            A splendid dinner was served and greatly enjoyed by those in attendance.
            The Association reassembled at 1:30 p. m., with the reading of scriptures lessons and prayer.
            The reports of the committees on Sunday Schools and Prayer meeting, Temperance and Literature, were received and acted upon.
            A discussion regarding a division of the Association was followed by a vote sustaining the present organization intact, and instead it was decided to put a missionary in the field, as above indicated, Rev. J. G. Graham being chosen for the position at a salary of $250 per year.
            C. C. Railey was added to the mission band.
            Plainview, Madison county was selected as the place for holding the next meeting of the Association.

            Rev. D. R. Jameson preached Saturday night.
            Divine services were held Sunday and Sunday night, the meeting being protracted.

—End newspaper report

This report of the Texas Free Will Baptist Association appeared on page 4 in the Bryan Morning Eagle, Friday, October 27, 1899 (Vol. 4, No. 285, Edition 1). The Bryan Eagle, Vol. 11, No. 52, Thursday October 19, 1899, page 6, confirms that the Association convened Thursday night October 19 and continued through Sunday the 22nd. It is my hope that no errors have been introduced in transcription.

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